gamer is looking for guild

  • gamer is looking for guild

    hellow fellow worriors crafters & gatherers,

    today i am full t3 with gathering crafting and farming
    i am looking for a guild that is based in europe or international
    what i like to be in a guild is more like this:

    *mature ppl how is taking there role serieusly
    *ppl how know the alpha and beta from now untill the release
    *no cures can be somtimes but dont do it to mutch
    *dont be a stranger use ur voice to communicate [requires mic]
    *friendly as always but dont take things persenaly somtimes u need to take tings or leave it be [like we in holland said take it with a little solt]
    *sometimes it is better to talk then sit with it my oppion is go to a room in the discord/teamspeak channel and try to talk with a officer with the person how is doning this

    if u wanna contact me ign is Dreco p.m me on the forms or direct on discord Dreco#7706

    that was it see u on the battlefield Dreco out.

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