Nature Healers So Weak

  • Nature Healers So Weak

    Hello dear friends,

    I am playing albion since 2014 or 2015 I dont remember. I have a problem and this problem bored me. I played t8 druidic healer. I cant play nature healer at moment. Everybody says me '' Nature is so weak, bring holy!'' I dont found a party, I dont found a gvg team. please. I should leave game ? ;( I am unhappy for this. Can you restore it ? Please do somethink for nature. I want to play this game. I want to play nature. I played everytime nature, I spent too many lp for nature, so I dont want to swap class. I want to love my character.
  • Nature is especially weak now, because the current meta is all about excessive burst damage from curse's grudge+hunter jacket's haste.

    I believe the devs will have to nerf grudge+haste at some point.

    Before the current meta really caught on, there were plenty of top tier GvG teams that used Druid healer. So I'm expecting druid to be used more on the GvG scene after a nerf to grudge+haste.

    That being said, don't blame the fact that you can't find a group on the state of nature. Players are very selective regarding who they choose to play with. If you didn't already know what I just told you, I would estimate that you A) aren't very knowledgeable about the game and/or B) are simply bad at the game. I wouldn't want to GvG with someone that has zero idea about the current meta or how balance changes affect the GvG scene. Even when I fame farm, I try to not play with bad nature healers that think mushroom Q is the best option for healing a 5man group. You probably should realize that a big part of the reason why you can't find anyone to play with has to do with the fact that you are bad. Not your weapon.

    Did you try Sacrifice on the Graveguard helmet for instance? Its plays right into nature's weakness because it gives you a huge instant burst heal. Especially when combined with Protection of Nature.
  • Sdi seem to think that switching the meta over and over again will keep their player base because everybody would have to farm their builds up again after each update.

    Im not sure why they think this way because the reallity is just the opposite. People are leaving because of that.
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