Android client finally working properly!

  • Android client finally working properly!

    On launch, the Android client had a ton of issues. Zoning disconnects, constant lag, spells not showing up, floating characters, invisible mounts. These were fixed about 3 weeks after launch and the client was very enjoyable to play. Then with the Joseph patch, these were reverted back to a very unplayable Android client.

    Upon this last patch about 3 days ago, you guys finally fixed these issues. The client is very playable and quite enjoyable to play. Literally all of the issues with it have been fixed and I can once again enjoy playing away from the house. Thank you guys for fixing these even if it took ages to do.

    The only issue with Android is with zvz. You lag every time to a point that you cannot play. I don't think this is something any tablet can handle, as some with the most high end PC still lag as well. My only hope is that with the Kay patch, we do not revert back to a unplayable client. Thank you guys again for fixing this!