Learning Points

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  • Learning Points

    You need to have a way to collect Learning Points for players who do not have premium time, it's ridiculous that it is even like that, I can understand the island but when you handcuff the player base right off the bat they get very aggravated around tier 4 you will lose a tremendous number of players maybe not right now but in the future big time.
    I was thinking you guy's could give say 5~10 points each time a learning point has been reached on something and scale it upwards, it shouldn't be you get enough all the time to unlock everything obviously, make them scarce but useful, the only thing premium should be able to do with learning points is prem giving the players 10 points or what ever it was a day, I could see people buying prem just to get the 10 points, there's no point in handcuffing players to buy premium time it's stupid.