Open World PvE (RC & BZ) Direction

    • Open World PvE (RC & BZ) Direction

      There has been a lot of discussion surrounding the open world PvE situation. While there are certainly many that think things are fine there are also many whom have expressed strong concerns about the OW lacking content in relationship to PvE. I suppose I am hoping to see if folks out there have some simple ideas that would greatly improve in the feel of the open world (help it be more interesting to explore/fame farm). There are many of these ideas scattered about but I thought it might be fun to see some side by side with less clutter than the 3 things thread. I'll throw a quick one out first.

      PvE (Both BZ and RC):
      I just think there is very little detail hammered out in the open world. IMO the easiest way to add some fun, immersive, detail that is PvE oriented and would make the world interesting to explore is the small micro dungeon idea. Basically like the bear and dire wolf caves from beta. Just start adding these mini dungeons hidden in the terrain. Wayfarer tree's you can enter. Caves in rocks or behind waterfalls. And most importantly, old ruins. It doesn't have to be much just little caves hidden all over. Something to explore in the zones. I really would love to see some of these as respawning nodes that are randomly open to keep it fresh. A mix of both is important to allow for farming routines, then the random ones break up the farming routines tidily. Just some small touches like this added over time would greatly improve the open world experience for me.
    • Zone invasions with a crescendo and climax. At it's simplest you would have a bunch of faction mobs spawn in a zone. When they are all defeated then a few mini bosses spawn, then a big boss.

      A more complicated version would involve some kind of scoring where the top participants would be thrust into an instanced dungeon/mega boss fight where they would have to work together to get the real shiny loot. There would need to be some details hammered out in RZ and BZ concerning griefing (or just let the sandbox nature of the game sort things out)
    • @Teech
      Nice idea! I would think you could just use the existing mob camps/bosses. When all bosses are dead x% chance to spawn new thing, when new thing is dead, x% chance to spawn big boss. That would add some pve fun for sure!

      WHat might be neat is to have some small caves that connect to other parts of the map as shortcuts or to enclosed parts of the map with better resources or something. the caves would be no mount (like in dgs). Also any mini dgs (like dire wolf caves) should be no mount of course as that would be weird and interfere with player interaction inside these mini caves