• i was in Iron Bank when it fell. It fell because the players who were real life financiers that handled the money from the investors did not feel they could handle the money that investors were putting into the guild with confidence as at the time, illegal gold was treated with the same weight as legally purchased gold. This stemmed from an auction battle where an online gold seller was using vast amounts of fake gold to try to outbid the Iron Bank on their town plots.
    Risking other peoples money in trade wars where the opponents have unlimited resources seemed to be a loosing game. In time, several weeks later, most of these issues were thankfully corrected but it also brought about the change where people could no longer invest gold into guild accounts, which complicated value based dividends as well as a few other things.

    That's all just a background. and a clarification on the real story of the Iron Bank... But cartels do indeed exist, i know for a fact, and some members of the original Iron Bank were/are involved in them, however this was not doing or intention of the Iron Bank and came after its demise to the best of my knowledge. However that is one of the great things about sandbox games, people can and will endeavor on similar ideas as you would see in real life.

    This game is kind of an experiment of anarchy and Laissez-faire economics. As long as we are given equal opportunities to think our ways out of the messes others create it will work for the better in the end, which ive seen some interesting endeavors towards already.
  • resource war is an interesting one indeed.

    remember, all premiums have to be bought again, after pack stuff runs out.

    for a guild participating in the guild territory battlefield, this is a 100% factor.

    fact is, guilds that have a guild territory can not not participate in this 'resource war', if they want to keep their territories.

    YaaYAlbion's Ghost uses these resources as a weapon in the game.

    when the ghost makes a move with/on 'resources', then people will notice.
    Let's Make Albion Legendary. just somerandom

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