Build help for a newbie baby

    • Build help for a newbie baby

      Hello everyone taking a gander at his nubs post, I'm stuck on a build video and would like to hear what you guy's think, is this video still viable and if it's not can someone find me an awesome Tier 4 sword and shield build, I like to DPS but I wouldn't mind a little bit of tanking or supporting.

      Thanks for looking and helping a nub out x,D
    • just tried that claymore. Got ot up to t4 real quick for a test and its pretty fun. The stun feels as if it would be nice for pvp and has been ok for pve. I think I will test the clarent blade and trade that stun for aoe. It seems like it might be more fun and there is a stun that might be good on the E for swords. Double swords was fun too....dps not stun there as well, but felt a bit lackluster. Could be the tier though and my other gear.

      Tried swords with bloodlust on my jacket. Tried the relect on my helm as well as poison. Was using druid boots for frostwalk cc. Defimately strong for pve solo survival. Will test pvp when i am comfortable with the swords and have better unlocks.
    • Hey people. I may want to compromise OPs Thread but i have a small question which ain't worth a new thread.

      Which Gear Set would you suggest for Insanely high DPS?

      I'm looking for a Melee weapon which does a lot of DPS and a gear set (I heard mage stuff increases DPS). Something good looking. I really like Infernal Scythe but its simply too expensive. Clarent and Bloodletter are too mainstream.
    • after testing swords I found them a little soft on the dmg and am trying spears atm. The spears seem to do quite a lot of dmg and quickly. I am working with the heron spear just now and it does a lot of dmg in conjunction with the druid robes. I think I am going back to leather armor though as cloth is SO squishy.
    • Dark_Session schrieb:

      I really like Infernal Scythe but its simply too expensive.
      Right now, I would say spears. Heron Spear is nice against multiple opponents with decent damage. Spear throw has nice reach. Spirit Hunter with Harpoon looks interesting but haven't managed to get one just yet.

      If you are willing to risk it, the axe line might get an update soon... (hope hope). It has pure damage, short cooldown but really no special abilities, other than heal on the one handed version. Whirlwind is great with Mercenary Chest bloodlust.

      You can use carrioncaller (they are cheap) to level up the artifact axe, so when you can find a good deal on Infernal Scythe, you will be ready to go.

      Just my thoughts :thumbup:
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    • I don't like the lack of any aoe on the axe lines q or w so far. We'll see. Other than that the basic axe has a nice feel too it. If its all single target though the cursed is just so amazing for single target I cannot imagine replacing it with an axe. I can run this same gear with a 1 handed curse and melt folks.
    • So for melee classes i’ll give you a quick rundown of the meta weapons in the class

      Sword - carving is used but expensive, but clarent is excellent with a sarco shield. Great mobility, some cc, and a fat aoe burst after gaining stacks. Very fun, gives me a huge rush when i see 3/4 enemies lose a ton of health after a big swing.

      Spear - you could argue for the 1h or the heron spear but right now glaive is king. Constant mid range auto attacks, strong aoe on forest of spears, and the potential to isolate a target with fling. The flavor of the month combo is glaive with hunter jacket and a curse staff to buff you with glaive. Using attack speed passives on both weapon and whatever leather you are wearing results in ab absolute truckload of dps.

      Axe - the damage and utility is good, but mobility and cc not so much. I saw you talk 1h axe and that’s basically a solo or dueling build. Carrion has great dps and the constant anti-heal utility is amazing.

      Daggers - can’t say much here, the only one i ever see in 5v5 play is bloodletter, which is also the best weapon for gatherers with its double dash.
    • Dark_Session schrieb:

      I found my new love. Dual Swords. Pretty cheap, good looking and i can play good with them.

      But i can't figure out a good PVE / PVP build. Something glowing would be favored ^^.
      soldier helm you can’t go wrong with in both pve and pvp. Maybe even hellion hood in pvp

      Stalker jacket would be great since you have great mobility so you can stick to your target, still good in both situations. Otherwise use assassin with fire shield

      Pve boots don’t matter so much, but you are open to many options. I use royal boots/graveguard boots on my clarent blade character. Assassin shoes are hard to go wrong with, or even royal shoes. Can’t see much use of cloth sandals except maybe druid, which pairs well with hellion hood