[BLAME] Suspicious Wants YOU ... for morally questionable activities

  • [BLAME] Suspicious Wants YOU ... for morally questionable activities

    Suspicious is recruiting experienced players for the domination of Anglia and Beyond. We are a heavy PvP guild that reaps the enjoyment of wiping parties in a dungeon near you.
    In addition to fame farms occurring throughout the entire day, Suspicious provides a variety of PvP content within territory raiding, Hell Gate Groups, and multiple GvG teams. Skilled players are encouraged to inquire about open roles on our 5 man teams.

    Suspicious is especially looking for Healers and high level Gatherers.

    What does Suspicious have to offer?
    • Guild Islands in Carleon
    • Inter Guild Economy System funding Guild initiatives
    • Active Discord
    • 25% Guild Tax
    • Constant Fame Parties
    • Zergs defending and attacking Siege Camps
    • Territory Raiding
    • Gathering Gear Crafters
    • Cloth, Plate, Leather, Armor Crafters
    • Personal Islands dedicated for each type of laborer
    • Large Scale farming operations providing food and potions
    • Black Zone Gathering
    • Black Zone Ganking Groups

      Friend Request + PM in Discord
      Rubisca#2634 or sugarbooger#7780

      Or in game at Rubisage or Sugarbooger (mail if offline)

      for more info on applying

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