Cipher Pol recruiting active players!!

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  • Cipher Pol recruiting active players!!

    Cipher Pol is based internationally, with a community packed with 170+ active members. We strive to be one of the top guilds in the future and we are open to anyone who wants to join us! We have 0 requirements and have a tax rate of 10 percent, to supply our GvG team in the future. We have a T4 Guild island but have a T6 Guild hall, with a full chest system to make it convenient for our members. We are an active guild that does ZvZ, 24/7 fame farming and ganking. We have no specific active time, but after maintenance is our slightly higher peak. RIght now we are also looking for GvG capable players that may fit into our GvG team.


    New player?...
    • Provide friendly support on discord and guild text channel
    • We write our own guides on discord to help new players!


    • We use discord, and have a dedicated server for our guild. (On it, are Killboard bot, Marketbot, Music Bot)
    • We use mumble for alliance events, such as huge zergs, etc.

    If you are a gatherer...

    • We can provide you protection while gathering
    • Our alliance is huge with 9000+ members, which proves to be a huge factor around the black zones especially
    • We can provide you chests on guild island and also High Tier crafters if you need anything
    • We will REGEAR T6 and above gatherers, and they do not have to pay any quota or payment.
    If you are a ganker...

    • We love ganking, and we have alot of capable players who can gank and lead ganking squads.
    • We can occasionally REGEAR you, especially if you are in a group and died unfairly.
    • We will teach new players, how to gank too.
    Fame Farming..

    • We will always be open to fame farming, and can help anyone to fame farm.
    • We have fame farming groups/players around the clock.

    If you like to join, apply here, send an ingame mail to Diakore, Send a guild join request, or PM Diakore#8018 on discord.