Bows W is underpowered

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    • Bows W is underpowered

      There are 3 spell choices, 2 of them are very week. Only 1 is situational and is average.

      Explosive arrows: A W spell that has 80*5 total damage that is still requires 5 auto attacks to be fully applied. Almost all other weapons have insta-cast insta-damage spells that do the same amount of damage. Increase the damage OR make the explosion deal 80*5 damage on the first auto-attack only.

      Ray of Light: good for PVE, impossible to hit anything with in PVP. You just can't hit anyone that is not rooted/stunned. Possible fixes:
      - Increase the radius (so you can actually hit anything)
      - Make it AOE affecting all enemies hit (swords have similar ability witch is instacast AOE, RoL is not instant, there is a delay)
      - Reduce the "delay" between firing and applying root.

      Speed shot: The only skill that is open-world(situational) and is at least somehow useful. May have some damage increase or CD reduction but no where as under-powered as the rest.
    • Why do you even try? Bows are awful.
      AA/Q - too small range even Glave is better
      W is utility, forget about DPS in this skill it is trash compared to any other skills even daggers have better W skills than this.

      Ult - other weapons apart from Wailing for ZvZ and Warbow for Ganking, can offer same thing but overall better skill.
    • You can't have it all. At the moment the warbow is a very dominating weapon in open PvP - it has a slow, applied on every auto-attack; powerful mobility and long-range nukes. With a bow you can kite or chase indefinitely given there's enough room and you are not terrible. The wailing bow is an exceptionally good ZvZ weapon and the longbow is a great PvE weapon. The whispering bow was and I think still is a viable option in GvG. What else do you need?

      If anything, I believe the auto-attack slow on players should be reduced to 1 second duration.

      PS: There are 4 W abilities, not 3. You forgot Frost Shot.
    • Is this a joke? the warbow is one of the most popular weapons for open world ganking, its simply op with mercjacket + poison pot, its kiting is 2nd to no class not even frost, it also can wear leather armour to survive longer, watch nausk to see how dominating it can be :P

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