Spirit Spear vs Assassin Spirit

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    • Spirit Spear vs Assassin Spirit

      I really like dagger but at the moment it just feels completely lacking on the Q to use shadow edge effectively. The resistance debuff is too high and the stealth feels underwhelming, compared to the Q on glaive you can see why glaive is so popular.

      Glaive - Spirit Spear
      Increases your normal attack range by 0.3, and normal attack damage by 0.35, for 8s (Stacks up to 3 times.)

      If you reapply the spell on maximum stacks, you lose an additional -7.65 energy. (This effect also stacks up to 3 times.)

      Energy Cost: 7.65
      Cast time: instant
      Range: self
      Cooldown: 2s

      Dagger - Assassin Spirit
      Increases your normal attack speed by 0.12, and normal attack damage by 0.3, for 7sHowever, it also reduces your resistances by -17.73% (Stacks up to 3 times.)
      Activating at maximum stacks will consume all stacks and turn you invisible for 3s (Taking or dealing damage removes the invisibility.)

      Energy Cost: 15.2
      Cast time: instant
      Range: self
      Cooldown: 4s

      The only really downside on glaive Q is the increased energy cost but this does not make you receive more damage, maybe a similar debuff instead of the resistance debuff would make dagger much more viable, or maybe even just a resistance debuff against the player you are currently attacking while assassin spirit is up. With these changes to Q Shadow Edge could be used quite effectively as a high risk high reward style of play of going in then going back out, without taking increased damage from every single surrounding target so you do not even get chance to utilize the stealth without taking too much initial damage.