Demon Helm

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    • Hi i'm new to the game and I don't want to start screaming op because i don't know much stuff

      anyway i'm starting to do some solo ashen hellgate run and I happen to get (ofc) fights in there. Some I win and some I lose, though there is this one thing I just can't do anything about
      I get silenced for half an year in which time auto attacks really don't help me much and usually by the time the silence goes away i'm near dead.

      I know I can get cleanse hood but is that really the only way? It seems absurd to be forced to use that one helmet

      I did read the old thread and I know these games shouldn't be balanced around 1v1 but I also find it ridiculous that one helmet skill makes it mandatory to have only one helmet choice for someone that wants to roam solo
      I don't think a single skill should shut down completely an enemy that doesn't have the direct counter on him

      Isthere are any other way to counter a demon helmet player in let's say ashen hellgate that isn't "bring cleanse"?
    • Demon Helmet Silence Skill has to be activated by it's user and will silence the enemy target on first autohit. The activation of the silence skill will be visual over his/her head by a violet mark.

      The other ways to "Counter" the demon helmet without use of cleanse is by using Interrupt (fiend cowl f.e.) in between the activation of demon helmet and it's first autohit - or run+displace the enemy during that time so he can't autohit you, until his "silencebuff" is over.

      It's also possible to block it at the exact time he's using it on you by dodgeroll etc. soldierhelmet.

      as far i know.. difficult without cleanse

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