Remove or delay first tick, and instant damage from Vile Curse

    • Remove or delay first tick, and instant damage from Vile Curse

      First of all, how exactly Vile Curse works.
      Every application of Vile Curse have constant instant damage equal to 120% of one stack tick.
      Secondary, it have instant stacks tick after application.
      Then comes the DOT part, when stacks tick 3 times every ~2 seconds, if VC is not renewed.
      Here comes the Grudge!
      It renew VC with every attack, and what was designed to be a DOT becomes a NUKE.
      On full stacks every application (auto attack) produce 520% of one stack tick damage, independently of how often you apply it.

      We have tested Wispering Bow + Great Cursed staff, Grudging bow, and arcane beaming Curse, while curse using Area of Decay on taget.
      The damage, no.. THEDAMAAAGEE was like meteor hitting target every second.
      We have nuked even full HP of full plate tank under arcane shielding beam in 5 sec, before shielding beam end.

      So, suggestion is to remove or delay first instant tick of Vile Curse, and it's constant instant damage, to fix this spell, before every team start leveling for GRUDGE meta.
    • In short, it applies the 4th stack on every attack, which as intended, does the damage. You can count it as of all 4 stacks hitting at once or whatever. Your point is irrelevant, it has been like that since vile curse was created.

      You metachasing nabs are going to figure out worse combos than grudge + whatever other build pretty soon.

      Working as intended, perfectly fine.