Flintslice Portal camping,Player protection

  • Flintslice Portal camping,Player protection

    Hello, since the patch the famous flintslice bubble trick is fixed, avoiding poeple abusing that double bubble protection to run from mudpoole steppe to caerleon realmgate. Since then, groups have been camping the BZ portal, and since you can't zone while in combat, you simply offer them free stuff. I would like to see something coming to this game and that would really help poeple avoiding to be gank by those lame groups, is to reveal position on the map or at least a message in the chat like we have for our territories if a guard detect someone. That would prevent a little those portal ganks wich are to me the most lame thing you can do in this game. I understand some poeple are bored and want some forced action. but camping a realmgate is really a problem since this area is meant to prevent those things.

    Hope you guys feel me on that, gank is really fun, in the open world, but if poeple start camping portals and wait for outlaw to come off to bank it's just the most lame thing you can do.