Few things I would love to be changed or added to Albion.

  • Few things I would love to be changed or added to Albion.

    Yes, I am back crying on forums!

    I posted my three ideas earlier in the pinned post above, but decided to do it again here.
    Little back story, me and 14 other buddies started playing albion shortly after release excited that new pvp open world sandbox was released.
    We also loved the concept that the controls were similar to moba games and such, but about one or one and half month into the game we started to relize
    that the open world wasnt very open. The whole game was based out of a single city where you could teleport within 3 zones where ever in the world!
    The mechanics behind the clan and personal islands also made it real hard to live out in BZ free from Carleon.

    The safe zones were little to safe for our taste, fighting for yellow hellgates in safe zones with griefing such as taunting the portal boss and shooting long range attacks
    on a single member of our group left a bad taste in our mouth. Waiting for someone to agro boss and/or get low on health grinding before flagging in red zone was weird but we
    were just as guilty as everyone else in that behaviour and atleast we could fight back. But having completly safe zones in game like Albion is bit weird in my opinion.
    Inside cities is fine thou!

    My three ideas for changes to albion arent that big (I think). And I really feel like they would add great dept into the game and increase the competitive aspect.

    First idea:

    Change yellow zone so they work similar to red zones, only differense being yellow zones would have city guards patroling the area who agro outlaws/low rep.
    This change would lower safe zone griefing in pve and prevent people from flaging in red zones, gank one gatherer and run straight into yellow zone to wait out the 15 minute timer.
    Guild/alliances could bypass the guard agro and kill their enemies by declaring war. The war should cost a lot of silver and you would have to pay the war fees every 24 hours to maintain the war.
    This could be a nice silver sink and reduce 1 man war griefing. This system would give alliances chance on hunting down enemies and add fun content between guilds.
    Would also be cool that city owners could add guild/alliances to "Kill on sight" list, so city guards would agro people if they entered city. These would make it very importand to get cities for alliances.

    I would also be fine with red and yellow zones have the same rules as black zones, except city guards patrol and attack low rep/hostile players.
    Red zone would have lower density of guards then yellow zones. Flag griefing can be anoying when assholes just wait unflagged until you get low in mid pull.

    Second idea:
    Reduce or remove all teleportation. Remove the teleport between the four smaller royal continent cities so people will have to run between them.
    Remove the world portal from Carleon and make the routes to the BZ be either land bridge or ship or something. Add "small" hubs similar royal island cities on each BZ continent.
    This would make the world look a lot bigger and encourage people to explore and move out furhter away from cities and set up their own economy.

    Regarding personal and guild islands, make it so people can "build" new portals to guild and personal islands from different city wich would destroy the older portal.
    This might prevent every single person and guild to have main base in Carleon and increase content in market and transporting stuff.
    The guild island might have bigger purpose now for players if the "Kill on Sight" in towns would be implented and crafting in the towns could be out of reach.
    I feel this changes would be good for war/conquer game because guilds would stay closer to their own zones and cant just jump around the world every 2 hours (at max) with no consequances.
    Transfering expensive stuff long distances inside enemy lands would be harder and riskier because zones would have more locals in them (less in npc cities).
    Large army movements would also be spotted sooner and locals would have more time to group and gather up, the game state now has big portions of alliance players afk in Carleon.
    Ganking would be more risky and exciting, because more people would be in the BZ and you would have to stay more mobile so the locals couldnt group up and catch you.

    The tought behind this idea is to make your guild/alliance into more community and your neighbouring enemys bigger rivals. Like Albion is played right now, it is always you and your alliance versus the world
    because frankly you can jump around the world to fast. All other full loot pvp mmos I have always hated my neighbours with passion and done everything I could to sabotage their progress.
    In albion I hate everyone equally and dont care about anyones progress because I can go to any dungeon or farming zone without to much trouble. And like mentioned before, if I wanna gank every zone is
    just 3 zones away from my current location and gankers have way to much freedom to travel.

    Third idea:
    Main reason behind this idea is so idea 2 would work for smaller guilds. Resource distribution on world map would have to be more localized.
    Meaning that people that own 1 mountain zone could still get their hands on leather and wood without traveling to far into enemy lands.
    Right now each type of zone is clumbed into big clusters, for example mountain can be far away from swamp and desert for leather. This could be hard for smaller alliances/guilds and devastating for solo's
    so by changing the resource spread would be importand now with big auction houses furhter away and transportation more risky. I am not talking about making t7/t8 zones for everyone thou,
    those should of course be rewards for high value and contested zones. Just low/mid tier so small guilds that just started their invasion into BZ stand a small chance on surviving by crafting t5 gear maybe t6
    gear or grind low tier materials in big bulks and upgrade them to t7/t8 at crafting stations.With these changes I would also love to be able to downgrade my materials, just like I can upgrade them!

    Well here is my dream about Albion, and one day I wish I could try out a game with albions pvp, pve, crafting and gathering and those rule sets for the world!