Decimal point for offhand modifiers based on quality.

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  • Decimal point for offhand modifiers based on quality.

    Hi! Offhands are currently unaffected by item quality and all their modifiers are in integer numbers.
    If they had some small bonuses (in decimal parts) based on quality it would finally make offhand quality relevant.
    For a crafter that would make quite a signifficant difference in income.

    'Cacatio Matutina Est Tamquam Medicina'
  • I would even not that we have many cases where stats dont change based on IP, normal to good often makes 0 different visably, if something happens i would like to know, If nothing happens then you need to fix it, there should be 0 instance of that. Your system forces hundreds of each lower tier quality to be crafted to make 1 high tier if the low tiers all are the same. as +100 only happens at 1/1000 and in some cases 'bags' every stage seems to be identical.

    I have proposed changes to your Crafting System that allow for choice in which quality to Attempt to make and the ability to fail making high quality gear.