[27.10.17] Albion Developer Talk

    • More Solo content,and more activities-first goal y should make.It will return enormous numbers of players back into the game.When you log in Albion as regular-casual player,youre daily activity is-1-2 HG,Red dung farm,Exped,few duels-pvp in open world,gather and and farming or something like that in youre island.Actually its not allot things to do.From day to day-such game expirience become boring.I dont argue ,that there is other side of the coin.Such as guild content and self ability to have fun from any part of the content we allready have.You made this project on the Era of "MOBA"games,and its on of the reasones why this game is so fucking cool for the most of people.You got all-to make this project one of the greatest MMORPG people have ever seen.All monsters like Valve,Blizzard etc.must envy you.I wount advise you anything how to make this game better,i know there is no sence in that=)But i bealive in you,in youre team,and in youre dreams.Make the greatest game in the world!

      Regards youre Equart.
    • i think the solid foundation is there as said in the vid, no matter if some yell otherwise on the forums...i am still having a blast and am looking forward :)

      i like that the gvg 5v5 is on the list as i found it to be quite odd that most of a guild is locked out of defending their stuff. besides that i am quite looking forward to the more dynamic pve and performance is never bad tho atm i think fights with around 50-100 is still playable quite ok above that it starts getting ugly :)

      keep it up devs
    • RockLobster schrieb:

      One thing to consider if you're focusing on Solo Play: Considering evening the kill speed between Cloth and Plate wearers while soloing. Right now, the quality of life and feeling of soloing in Leather and Plate is pretty terrible compared to Cloth. You wind up taking as much damage as a cloth wearer does, simply due to the proportional attack/defense ratio... the only difference is you have between a 20-50% slower kill speed to show for it. You're also much less Energy Efficent, as you need to use more abilities to get the job done.

      What you could do is add another passive option for Leather and Plate Chests that read: "Monsters do X more damage to you, but you do Y more damage to them" - where X = the Armors damage prevention from Monsters and Y = 50 - X. I feel this would be an elegant solution, as it wouldn't impact PvP.

      It also would have cross-appeal for group PvE as the side effect would make getting a fame farm group far less AIDS if you're in anything but Cloth. "Sry Plate Dude, we already have 1 tank... for 20 of us." or "Ur in leather? Sorry. We want DPS."
      I agree trying to solo as tank is very boring. Maybe a skill to debuff amount you get healed for increase damage or a decent aoe? Would kind of make it only usable if u are soloing.
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    • And if not, do you intend to diversify the dungeons as it was done for beta 1 and 2?

      Or no, do we keep the same dungeon cards for all dungeons of the same third?

      1 year everyone wants to see GvG maps of beta 1 & a variety of dungeons.
      Still no promotion except an unstoppable obstable race that will be available 2 days.

      All cards are already design? Why did you delete them?

      I personally start to get fed up with farm dungeons always copied / pasted.

    • Current endgame Multiplayer content:
      • GVG: Money + practice = power, a whole army of ants will gather for hours to provide the 5 spartans with their shiny gear, the world map frontiers are determined by 5 elite commandos fighting, while their whole country army is watching them through a drone camera
      • Hellgates: ok for red and BZ, but yellow hellgate is useless now, arena is a faster yellow HG experience without fame
      • Castles
      • BZ Dungeons and bosses farming
      • World bosses

      Current endgame solo content:
      • Gathering t8 materials deep in BZ
      • Fame farming high level mobs solo: solo players needs to be able to fame farm without the need of a full team, the fame gained will be less than a party fame farm, all lonewolves, people who wants to watch TV, listen to music while killing mobs will be able to play the game without the need of a full focus discord voice connection,
      • Killing a direbear if you are lucky to find one
      Adding maps anti zerg fest won't really solve the problem, you also need to add a way to solo fame farm in an efficient way, the real frustration is when you login, create your own quest (leveling this new weapon), all your friends are offline, your guild members are busy, you search for a group in LFG channel, then you try expedition with a 17 mn queue time
      You need to unleash the players from instances and counting on others, to be able to enjoy this game

      Solo content you can do from day 1:
      • Gathering: ok
      • Solo roaming: ok, you just need to be smart
      • Solo dungeons and mob camps in BZ: low fame ratio per hour, high risk
      • Arena: only useful to test comps and builds
      • Expeditions: fame farming for starters

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    • Thanks to see difference between lag & server troubles -_-. Unity is not a MMORPG Engine but a 3D Engine whit shit Net-Code for MMO... All is said, during ZvZ Whatever your PC Config it will change nothing > It's the servers who have troubles because of bad engine for that.
      Fast exemple : During Mushroom Cave expedition ALWAYS before the boss against the 2 Druids & 1 Warrior you will experience server troubles & you will teleport from place to place without a ping move ( /ping ingame)
    • I'm fifty today, and it seems to me that modern developers write about MMOs as a construction site.
      Yes, as a player, I do not just do not care how they do it, it disgusts me that they talk about MMO as a factory shop.
      Henkis, so that the ta ripped, you are a white gentleman for your slaves, but for us you are a man, who breaks the MMO for the sake of fucking players solos.
      We are MMO players who play this game for the sake of acquaintance and find their team!
      And you once again turn MMO into a solo cooperative.

      Post Scriptum: I hope that now I will not receive warnings from the moderators.
    • Raithe schrieb:

      I don't get it. What was actually said here?

      they said:


      1. "We think the game does need improvement, particularly with regards to zerging and solo playing.
      2. However we feel the game is in such a balanced and healthy state right now we're going to wait another 3 months until we update it again so we can do it all at once, emulating other successful, healthy and balanced games."

      big mistake.
    • "we feel the game is in such a balanced and healthy state right now"

      Ok just WOW. I mean really? Its about as healthy as my pancreas. This is really how the state of AO is being viewed by SI? That asessment is absolutely insane. As a solo'er there is litterally 1 fun thing to do. Go to bz solo dungeon, fight off a human 1 out of every 5 times. Repeat once and log out. Healthy. FFS. Someone needs to remove the blinders already.
    • Kissmequick schrieb:

      rofl in these new "impossible zerging" maps, everybody will just use an ox and nobody will die ever.

      fun times ahead!
      A Cave entrance leading to a solo instance inside the dungen would be cool. Another player could enter aswell for pvp. Maybe the entrance could collapse after entering. Or a gate could spawn after killing a rare boss leading the group to a full loot challance map where the mobs are executing players and where players can collect lots of loot. full loot 2 vs 2 hellgates would be nice. if your friends are not online it would be nice to be able to gamble in town. cubepoker would be nice