Great Nature Staff OP! Druid with GNS won a 2 v. 1 and a 3 v. 1 fight at the silver chest, 2 days in a row.

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    • Great Nature Staff OP! Druid with GNS won a 2 v. 1 and a 3 v. 1 fight at the silver chest, 2 days in a row.

      2 days ago, my guild mate and I were at the Silver Chest, waiting for it to spawn. Another guy shows up, walks in and starts attacking. I have a T5 Whispering Bow, my friend a T4 fire staff, the attacker has a Great Nature Staff T 5.0. We think we can take him, no problem.

      About a minute later we are both knocked out and I don't think his health ever went below 75%.

      We told another friend about this, who found it hard to believe. So, yesterday all three of us go to the Silver Chest (same time as the night before). Guess who's there? The same guy. So, now it is 3 v 1. Our 3rd guy has a 4.1 Bloodletter. After about 90 seconds all 3 of us are knocked out, however, we did manage to get his health down to about 1/2, but never low enough for the Bloodletter to get max damage.

      Also, we were low on energy about the time we were knocked out, the Druid was still close to full energy.

      I then went and used the Druid build to to duel some guys at the Bank. I won each battle, with no problem. GNS is OP.

      It should be impossible for any build to win a 3 v 1 when levels are close. Here are the issues:

      - GNS health shield should proc. differently when cast on self
      - The delayed "Big Heal" needs a longer cool-down
      - The poison stacking is too strong, the cast time should be longer.
      - The energy gain every 4 spells is too strong, probably should be eliminated.
      - The poison ability does not require target selection AND affects all enemies in 360 degrees. Should be changes to a cone in front of the caster, or require selection.

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    • STOP whining about healers once and forever.
      They are already a bit underpowered after the joseph nerf.
      If you lose to them, you have not well learned the mechanics.
      1. Daggers and claws with W-skill Forbidden Stab allow you to defeat healer.
      2. Great cursed staff dispels any heal-over-time and allow you to defeat a nature healer.
      3. Demon helm with silence
      4. Hell boots with healing reduction

      So, as long as you want easily defeat healers without even bothering to think a bit and change you skillset for the counterhealing measures, you SHOULD lose to them.

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