Inconsistency between how HoTs are affected by temporary buffs

  • Inconsistency between how HoTs are affected by temporary buffs

    I eouncountered this bug on Druid Staff. Did not bother to test it on the other nature staffs with a HoT on the E.

    The hots in question:
    Rejuvenation (Q)
    Spiritual Seed (E)

    The temporary buff in question:
    Adrenaline Driven Clarity (Every 4 activated spells, your heals become 20% stronger for 3 seconds)

    Rejuvenation interacts with the temporary buff by snapshotting: When I cast Rejuvenation, it snapshots my current buffs. The heal on Rejuvenation keeps healing with the temporary buff bonus, even when the temporary buff expires.
    Spiritual Seed doesn't snapshot like that. Spiritual Seed will heal with whatever bonus I have when the buff expires. This is most likely not the intended behavior.
  • It is also super hard to produce reliable results with the way your net code works.

    When I do the exact same cast sequence, it doesn't always produce the same results. Sometimes my heal actually heals with the bonus 20%. Sometimes not.

    With my 100 ping it shouldn't be lag. It seems like the server has to ask my client "do you have a buff?" before it calculates the healing. This probably makes my ping "multiply" and is what makes my results very inconsistent.

    If this is how the code works, then you're doing something wrong. The server should know what buffs I have. It shouldn't ask my client.

    It would all be fixed if you just made the ability snapshot like it should. This used to be a problem with arcane. I suspect that you have the exact same trash code for this particular buff that arcane had.