Mega Alliance Rant

    • Mega Alliance Rant

      Hey everyone. I just wanted to blow off some steam that I have pent up from this new Mega Alliance. If it is successful in its mission plan, it will essentially turn Albion Online into a fishing simulator. I can't believe so many people are actually on board with it.

      I swear I will quit this game if it turns into a fishing simulator, and so will most people. Feel free to vent and express your anger towards the mega alliance as well.

      My compliments to the chef.
    • POE has 2310 pple and they have issues pulling 40 pple together for a warcamp. I don’t think anyone could handle the comms of 1000 pple, such cancer would kill any shotcaller thru the headphones.

      And when you know that, and you know you ,a single guild, can take on weak alliances and take their stuff. Why would you let them get free stuff? It can be all for you, why let some 3rd rung schmuck take your rewards? you can have yours AND take theirs. PvP will never end. And usually pvps the last thing left as the crafters and gatherers dry up and the sell orders do too.

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      i hope a new mega alliance will form, game is getting dry without competition
      If youre finding this to be true -- do as Owens said and start your own or see if your crew can do it without an alliance. I know if I was in TC id be like "why the fuck am I carrying exertion, fricks, and UN" -- and yes, they 100% collapse within 2 weeks without you.
      agreed. but I think TC is too scared to at least start their own alliance? If they so good why be Exertion's slave? TC is very much better than Exertion in open world pvp at the moment. But maybe TC has some sneaky tactics planned for Exertion? Why join an alliance when you the best guild by far of the entire alliance TC, what's the thoughts behind that? :thinking:
      Let's Make Albion Legendary. just somerandom