Empa's Silver Guide!

  • Endless Agony wrote:

    Korn wrote:

    *snip* You will get a PvP buff there as long as you are flagged as friendly, you can only be attacked by players flagged as hostile and you will see those players as a red dot on the minimap *snip*

    The "fly in this ointment" is the ability to change from friendly to hostile as "quickly" as you can. Twenty-plus player zergs are out running zones with everyone flagged friendly. They send out a scout to check out each zone and once the scout finds an appealing target he simply waits around directing the zerg to his location. Once they're within a very short distance, they all flag themselves hostile and make their move. No amount of friendly buff can overcome sheer numbers.

    Now I understand that many will say "find more friends." If I have to find a zerg to fight the zerg then does it not stand to reason that SI has failed to implement their anti-zerg strategy?

    IMHO, if you want to truly allow yellow-zone-friendlies to have a chance, then the change from friendly to hostile must take significantly longer or can only be done while in a player city...perhaps at a shrine or some such "offering place" if you're looking for immersion. At least then the friendlies wouldn't be "happily fighting mobs" only to realize there's a sea of red dots just seconds away from them because friendlies switched to hostile in relative blink of an eye.

    Just my two cents worth...feel free to flame away if you wish...it's just me "thinking about the sheep knowing I live as a wolf." (Or at least try to.)

    Can't flame any of that bud, it makes perfect sense and needs to be fixed... Gotta love these so called "hardcore PvP gods" and all of their antics to avoid a fair or tough fight.
  • Could you make a guide describing each player's role in Albion I mean a new player enters the game with his own playing concept.(ahhm I want to be a crafter, my friend wants to smash them enemies in pvp confrontation, and me me me can I become our harvester please please" Be kind and make these players' lives easier, ;)
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