Crash in Dungeon T6 Cumbria (Sapwood Glen)

  • Crash in Dungeon T6 Cumbria (Sapwood Glen)

    Detailed description of the problem:
    Gamecrash after leaving a dungeon in Cumbria (Sapwood Glen) Just when I left it was because they were looking for us inside, we had cleaned the dungeon several times, prevented me reentry to the game as in the following video, I automatically went out and reinstalled the game, erasing all cache and temp with cclean.

    The exact time when the problem occured:

    10.18.2017 02:48 UTC-03:00

    Off-Topic: I really love his game, but this detail is a disaster, I lost at least two hours of farming items looteable for an error that began to happen to me after Joseph (before I never had a single crash using the same GPU without any modification). I do not report anything because I did not think I would continue, but you see something it is bad. I just reinstalled my client, deleting as I mentioned, every temp and cache of the game and my windows. I edit if it stops happening to me.
  • Pretty similar story for us yesterday in HG.

    My friend had crash client few moments before we were about to rush on our enenemies and couldnt log back for 10 min (we had to let them kill main boss and leave HG)

    3 matches later I got DC-ed in almost same moments and while i couldnt log back for 5-6 min (game were moving me back to log screen w/o any message) this time enemies killed us. (well my friend tried to leave clan and kill me to save my gear when we knew I had DC-ed but enemies were too close to let him escape)
  • Dagother wrote:

    Hi guys! Thanks for the report, could you also attach crash log files? Please check Crash Report Thread for more info and report it there please.
    As I said before, I have been passing a few days ago, without first entering the forum and knowing about the rules of reports, delete all my caches and temp. The game began to crash me after Joseph.