Judgement is a group that has been with Albion since it's very first Alpha. We have been naturally small as a group and favored building bonds with players who are very active and involved within the game. Our focus is two fold:

    1. Build a strong GvG/Hellgate Team(s)
    2. Obtain a territory that all our members can use.

    Our road towards achieving the former will be to play cooperatively and communicate heavily. Shot calling, resets, and good coordination for cool downs will be a few of the skills we expect players will either have or build while playing with us. We understand that people make mistakes and losses will be the speed bumps on our way towards getting a good group.


    -North American Player base-
    Many of our existing memberbase is located on the west coast. So we are all able to talk to eachother and we normally come home from work at the same time. Roughly 3PM-12PM PST is our playtime.

    -Long BZ/RZ Fame farm sessions-
    Our fame farm sessions last 1-4 hours long. This is all so that members can get the fame/silver/runes they need to purchase the gear they want. With a 10% tax you'll be netting 300k+ silver easily from our 2 hours fame farm runs. Thats not factoring in the T4,T5,T6 runes you pick up that you can meld into artefacts which vary in price depending on the market.

    We are on every day. We are either gathering, crafting, arena, or queuing up to go Fame Farm. We're staying busy and active . We're here to have a good time and we hope that you do too!

    If you're interested and active every day, contact Linvara, Ashren, or Freik. We use Discord and Team speak so we're flexible.

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