Invisible text in imput window on android and disconnects

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  • Invisible text in imput window on android and disconnects

    Dear all,

    I have two old and major issues in the android game client:

    1. Could check this screenshot:
    If I want to type something on Android client (for example into the chat) there is invisible text in input window (screenshot is above).
    And if I want to see text or repair text, I must mark all and then is text visible (because is marked).
    Please fix it...

    2. Almost every two ports from zone to zone I will get disconnect into login window (sometimes I got just black screen too).
    This is makes the game on Android unplayable!

    Could you provide Android users support? We are paying custommers too!!!
    The android client is just nightmare. No optimalization, crashes, lags and bugs all the time!

    My devices: Samsung Galaxy S7 (original updated software) and Nvidia Shield K1 tablet (original updated software) with LTE+ or fiber internet (so I think those are not weak devices or unstable internet).

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards
    HankTheNoob | Battles in AO

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