Bag and Cape crafting focus and quality problem.

  • Bag and Cape crafting focus and quality problem.

    Both bag and cape crafting skills lack specialisation so they only get +0.3 focus efficiency and +0.75 quality per level.
    This causes issue with much higher focus consumption leading to serious disadvantage comparing to other crafting skills.

    Can be fixed easily by just adding the specialisation skills.
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  • But why do you want to use focus ? :D bags with level 3 of enchant are probably never sold... Also buy a T6 & Rune to put it in 6.1 cost less than buying a 6.1.... Like lot of other things like that, Crafting is not rewarded anymore in this game because of a total un-balanced market > Selling raw ressources is better than crafting....(you ll lose money on craft until you want to up).

    The "bug" of stacks was actually a very good idea to counter all theses shits & allow people to gather lot of things, also avoid lot of characters... A lot do 1 char for Ore, one for fiber , etc.... totally stupid and this because of that :D
  • @'Meliandah' Please don't disrupt the topic. It's not about runes, enchants, silver making strategies or what is more profitable.

    It's about what looks like an oversight in designing the skill tree and creates unfair unbalance between crafting skills.

    100lvl of bag/cape crafting gives 19% focus reduction and 101% quality - just about the same as T5 in armor crafting.
    This needs to be fixed and it's a very easy fix - just add specialisation. (or at least change the bonus for each lvl of base skill)

    @Korn Any comment on the matter?
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