Adventurer Guild Idea

  • Adventurer Guild Idea

    Hello everyone. Valkyrie here! I am still inexperienced but I have thought of an interesting idea for Albion that I would like to share with you all!

    As this is a major idea, it would not be easy to implement. However, I believe if implemented correctly, this would bring a great system into Albion that is both dynamic and engaging to the player base.

    The idea is to implement an adventurer guild-esque system.
    Adventurer Guild: An organization that enrolls adventurers and gives them access to jobs.


    First off, I personally feel that the PVE aspect is lacking the way it is to be able to bring out the full potential of the adventurer guild-esque system. Some personal reasons are:
    • Lack of diversity in monsters
    • Absence in variation on dungeons and fame farming locations
    • Low risk and straight forward fights for wildlife

    PVE Suggestions:
    • Mutated wildlife: provide substantially more resources for harvesting, can be fought with a group and allow group gathering
    • Dynamic monster spawn locations: An area that’s been visited before may now have hostile monsters
    • Monster patrol groups: Small or large monster group(s) patrolling an area
    • Unique Monsters: A very strong monster that may appear at random in zones (Note: To make it interesting, this type of monster can be made mechanically difficult to fight instead of bolstering its stats. So a small group of player or even skilled solo players can defeat it with great difficulty. Examples would be a monster that could attack very fast but the attacks can be dodged. Or a monster that will set up deadly traps but could be avoided with the right precautions)
    • Procedurally generated dungeons: Dungeon locations or layouts changing every so often, different dungeon chests locations, occasionally super chests with substantially better loot. Ex. Discovering a hidden crevice on the cliff side could lead to a procedurally generated dungeon

    Secondly, Albion lacks quests. Aside from the initial starter quests, there are zero quests moving forward. However, a straight forward and linear quest system will not compliment the sandbox style Albion is aiming for. So I propose that a dynamic non-linear quest system should be implemented!

    Dynamic non-linear would mean that quests can be procedurally generated base upon the current existing data within a city and its surrounding zones, like for example, the climate, monsters, resources, players, economy, etc. Furthermore, players should be allowed to post their own unique requests as well. Some quest ideas can be seen below.

    //Keep in mind that these are merely my suggestions!


    • Ranked: Tier [1 to 8]
    • Size: Small, medium, or large
    • Time limit: Quest failure or quest disappear after a certain amount of time had passed
    • Quest form: Limited or open; limited allows a single person or group to accept whilst open allows anyone to compete for the rewards (Note: Rewards for open quest forms could be split based on contribution to the quest or given fully to the biggest contributor)
    Subjugation Quests:
    • Defeat Mutated Wildlife – A stronger and more hostile variation of a standard wildlife is causing havoc in a surrounding zone
    • Defeat Monsters – Eliminate a certain number of a standard type of monster
    • Defeat Unique Monster – A unique monster had been scouted nearby
    • Monster Uprising – A large group or swarm of monsters had been seen patrolling a nearby area or a zone, and is preventing players from getting close or gathering efficiently
    • Bandit Encampment - Heretic/Morgana/Undead/Etc… had made a base in a specific zone and is causing disturbances in this zone (Note: If left unattended, the base may grow in size and generate additional monsters in this zone)
    Gathering Quests:
    • Gather X Materials – The marketplace or city is in short supply of X material
    • Gather X Rare resources – A merchant would like to purchase X material
    • Retrieve unique quest items - A unique quest item had been spotted in a dangerous area and a request to gather this item had appeared (Note: There could be a gathering level requirement to harvest said item ie. T5 gathering)
    Escort Quests:
    • Escort a Merchant - An NPC merchant would like to travel to Caerleon but the journey is long and dangerous. (Note: The wagon can be hunted by enemy players or monsters for its loot)
    • Escort a Player - A player wants to transfer their items or resources to Caerleon but would like to minimize the risk. The player can make an official request doing so and hire other players for protection
    Bounty Hunter:
    • Hunt Infamous player(s) – Player or Guild can place a single or recurring bounty on another player (Only applies in certain Black zones)
    • Hunt Infamous guild(s) members – Player or Guild can place a single or recurring bounty on another guild (Only applies in certain Black zones)
    Dungeon Delving Quests:
    • Explore Dungeon - A new dungeon had been found in an area (Note: Could be procedurally generated and could disappear after being conquered or after a certain amount of time, so locations may change and each dungeon may be different)
    • Monster Outbreak - Monsters are infesting an existing dungeon to the brim and needs to be culled
    Guild Quests:
    • Subjugating a world boss – Defeat a certain world boss
    • Zone Defense – A certain Zone, City, or Territory is being invaded by either monsters or players and requests assistance
    • Larger scale variations of the above mentioned quests

    This adventurer guild system will provide a place to meet new people with a common goal, and encourage players to form parties for quests.
    Furthermore, it can provide a diverse range of quests and activities that are ever changing based on various conditions.
    Hence, this system can improve the social aspects as well as provide a bigger variation to PVE and exploration to the game in the form of quests!
    Thank you for taking your time to read this!
    Do a Backflip!~