Arena QoL

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    • Hello everyone. Arena needs some QoL improvements.

      #1 Not to allow overweight people in.

      #2 Give us ignore list that allows us not to be joined with those who we put in. Like so many AFK people who ragequit after first round if it doesnt go the way they want.

      If you have any other QoL arena suggestions please let us know.
    • what would be a solid system to deal with players who deliberately ruin arena matches?

      that's a good question.

      the problem is that a system can easily be misused in hardcore loot games.

      when someone can 'ignore' a player they don't want to play against.. that shouldn't be possible.

      let's say that people can't deal with a really good arena player.. just 'ignore' him/her so that the player can't play any matches anymore? no.

      I think the option to report other players is the most solid system.

      Then mods can check out what actually happened and talk with the reported player for clarification. When someone misuses the report option.. then this person gets to deal with the consequences.

      Maybe the arenas should get a 'referee' (a bot or a mod) 100% of the time. and a line of text that says: "play to win!" or "try to win!" or "do your best to win!"

      someone can be a new player and failing to win. but at least they should show that they are trying to win the game for the team.

      the line of text can be used when it appears that someone is ruining the arena match. the referee bot/mod can then say.. "Are you trying your best to win the arena match Player X?"

      when it appears that Player X doesn't show his/her best to win the game for the team.. the mod/bot can then bar Player X from entering arena matches again.

      Player X can then be barred from arena matches for let's say.. 1 hour.

      After 3 times.. when Player X still doesn't show that he/she is trying to win the game for the team, then Player X will be barred from entering arena matches ever again.

      but it should be made clear beforehand.. that that will be the consequences for deliberately ruining arena matches.
      Let's Make Albion Legendary. just somerandom

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    • I would like SBI to take a hard line against any players squatting for other teams. Against one alliance I've seen 3/3 really questionable people on our team in the course of 3 games against them. I say those who have gained a rep for this sort of thing should be monitored. If there is foul play, ban for life. No one enjoys cheaters fouling up a sport.

      Make the comp requirement check the inventory as well. No T3 equipment should be allowed in the inventory. We had a 4.0 frost go 3.0 nature after his first death. Make the rules enforced, if two healers is illegal we should never see it.

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    • @YaayAlbion Thats a good point that ppl could ignore a good player so they dont face them. I am not sure if its possible to do but the ignored players should be able to be against you, just not with you.

      However if it would take a lot of time to code such a thing I'd rather devs focus on other things. Its just that having afk rage babies few times in a row is really not fun. I can go with premade all the time, but not everyone can or wants.

      There is still a lot of good people around though, maybe I just had an unlucky day.
    • YaayAlbion schrieb:

      Maybe the arenas should get a 'referee' (a bot or a mod) 100% of the time. and a line of text that says: "play to win!" or "try to win!" or "do your best to win!"

      Just a simple timer in the bubble area if you are in there more than X amount of reasonable time *20 seconds maybe?* then you get a ban warning, stay in there after that meaning you are afk, then you get a 15 minute ban