Trade Fix

  • I basically lifted these out of other threads but they need their own area.

    I still think the ease of access to material types makes it Too easy to trade in caerleon. RIGHT outside the city all 5 types of resources, OR port to BZ all 5 types of resources. There is not trade without scarcity of resources. This is why Caerleon/ End game cities shouldnt have access too all mats. Caerleon should be moved to 1 coast and put 3 other cities on other coasts crating a network of trading surround them with specific mat typed red zones and give them Specific locations they take boats to BZ, BZ then needs to spread out Mercia content Each area should have strengths Specific types of resources getting the Bonus Enchatment rates but others you would take other city boats to get to making people have to travel MUCH farther. Even with this You can still start looking at making 4 separate BZ each with only 2 resource types perhaps. 3 if you must but the idea is separating the mats, also separate the enchanted mats so you have to move them around to different areas. even if you leave a central city the port cities to the BZ would need Gear to go collect but The central city would be a trading hub.

    Past this i have a island map idea as well.

    Agreed i think the Biggest draw this game has is Its immersive qualities such as the real economy.
    I think this is dramatically dumbed down from how it is described in the trailers and it makes me want to punch Devs sometimes because the Econ is garbage. I hate Caerleon, I hate BZ, I want 1 world period. I should have 2/5 continents with different Outland like buffs on specific resource perhaps would be a great way to go. Traveling between them should not be easy really.. I suppose the starting cities would be you ports so just getting to the T5-8 stuff should take many zones and a city to go past and vice versa to the ports

    Someone red team this thought because to me it seems solid. 5 continents each with 1 side noob opposite side being black layer the tiers in between and a few cities, Each continent function with uncoms rares and extrors only of 1 type, or perhaps far rarer rares of the other types. Also T7-T8 only of its main biome type in that continent.

    Throw in a central island with a trading hub that has only a few gathering BZ and ports from each continent Put a massive real world Colosseum in it where people can spectate and gamble on the arena matchs that you buy into and get a cut from the pot of gambling and entry fees.

    I may work up a sketch of this to further explain... but this is some trading really..

    OH important also. Make rare stones. Use them to create buildings with extra stats like lower focus costs, extra 2.5,5,7.5% resource returns, lower food needs, better results in quality stuff like that. Please stone is the odd man out that makes no sense to me..