Still Calling on Community Writers

    • Still Calling on Community Writers

      Hi there!

      We're currently in the process of refreshing our content writer talent pool, therefore if you're interested in joining our team please resubmit your application to:

      Your tasks:

      • Write articles which report on interesting events, drama, politics, etc., in the world of Albion
      • Write player and guild spotlight articles
      • Gather/create related screenshots, images, media to support the article(s)
      • Copy editing English text as needed
      • Other news post related tasks as needed

      Your background:

      • Native or excellent writing skills in English
      • Enjoys writing about game-related topics
      • A background in journalism or creative writing
      • Have a passion for Albion Online and is very knowledgeable about its mechanics
      • Is involved and aware of the community happenings

      How to apply:

      Write an email to Make sure to put this in the subject: Albion Online - News Writer (your name here)
      And provide the following:

      • A CV (Résumé)
      • Your forum name
      • A sample article related to Albion Online which you feel is noteworthy. OR Select one of our previous community news categories like: Player/Guild/Build spotlight or War Report.