Crossbow Line... Forgotten?

    • Crossbow Line... Forgotten?

      Daggers, Swords, Axes, Nature, Holy, Arcane, etc.

      You know what weapon I NEVER see in the OP/UP section? You guessed it.

      Multiple Choice:

      Crossbows are never talked about because...

      A) They are perfectly balanced and there's simply no need.

      B) They are so under powered that literally no one plays them and therefore no one cares enough to make a post about how weak they are.

      C) Best kept secret in the game. Broken as hell. Shhhhh...... I was never here....

      D) Crossbows? There are Crossbows in this game?
    • They're basically an okay physical damage caster kit. They're okay. The whole line could use some diversity as each one is just some variation of the other...they could've given one some mobility or more CC or at least made the CC/utility aspect more feasible than being forced to run heavy with silence and the E interrupt.
    • Sinatra.SUN schrieb:

      There is a crossbow in many top tier gvg team.

      As long as a weapon is very good at something not likely to be top priority to "fix".

      Xbow is good in 5v5's, good in pve not that great in zvz and terrible in open world gsnking.
      Never said there was anything to "fix".

      More or less looking for community sentiment as to why it's arguably the least discussed weapon (not the least used, not the weakest, the least discussed weapon).

      T7 Crossbow main here. I'm with you. I choose option A)

      It's great at what it does and nothing else. It has a niche without pushing other weapons out of viability.

      It fills the "turret" slot quite nicely (if that's what you want). Great ranged DPS in exchange for little / no mobility.