Crafting made relevant Gear relevance/ganking TOO

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  • Crafting made relevant Gear relevance/ganking TOO

    Ok so i have thought little about this because it is easy to ignore

    quality in crafting. Why is this even a thing... There are 3 types normal, +50ip, and +100 IP Those are the only ones that matter.
    The first 3 are all in 1 group.. normal items.. The power difference is negligible really. how much do that stats really move like 1-10 depending on what that stat is the only 10 i think is just maybe HP.

    How these occur. RNG based on some stat with you crafting as use of focus ya?
    Well this makes a huge flood of Normals to every excellent and masterpiece.

    Here is my thought Either make the levels spread more, or reduce them to 3 levels as i stated.

    So spreading them i think would go to +0,+20,+50,+100,+200 I realize this is dramatic But our items quality should matter outside of the random few that probably wont even be sold ever, they are just system flukes not something you can really aspire to.

    So after one of those 2 changes occurs I would then look at how the higher grades are crafted. RNG

    So lets change how the RNG takes place.
    If i want to craft a normal bow, 100% chance of success, Nest for +20 Ip its 90% chance of success... still not very risky maybe crafters would do it more than normals.
    +50 IP say around 70% chance of success, +100 IP 35% chance of success , +200 IP 15% chance of success.

    So now we have a new crafting system but is it done no, Destiny and Focus. So where is that Normals are already assumed fine. say Focus spent increased 5% perhaps.. so our numbers would go up. But lets assume also that the numbers we have are capped crafting destiny levels. So drop everything by 10% each crafting level raises .1% chance. So starting the game without using fame a normal is 90% chance of success and 10% chance material loss. +20 IP, starts at 80%chance of success still may be common but not the safest getting started with little money, +50 IP starting the item has 60% chance of success and 40% chance to lose materials.
    Next difficulty is a new item crafted would be 25% chance to craft 75% chance to lose materials, +200 IP items start at 5% chance of success 95% chance of losing materials.

    So end products if i am capped skill for the item i am crafting and use focus i try to craft a +200 IP 8.3 item. I have 20% chance of succeeding, and 80% chance that i loose all those T8.3 resources. That is a quick econ lesson for greedy crafters.

    Now lets think about effects of this.

    Economy wise i think its alot of deflation. People attempting to create better gear will now instead lose mats rather than create TONS of normal goods.
    Prices go up across the board. But Crafters will become a real part of the game being able to cap out crafting skills and work the markets properly will have impact on the entire game.

    Now PVP how might this effect it. Well prices going up people may choose a few things, More PVP for better rewards but their risk is higher as the better tiers and qualities of gear will be more expensive.. So will this create more ganking... It is possible... But there is only a certain level of ganking the game can tolerate. As people kill off gatherers less goods make it to market making prices go up. BUT current state of things gankers keep and sell 90% of what was collected.. Proposal is 2 things 1 hurt their rewards, remove 50% of mats this will increase price further, But reduce ganker rewards reducing PK mats being sold less will mean gatherers will bring mats into market balancing things. The difference is right now no one feels the damage people do by draining Mats with kills. Once that reality is felt actions might be taken as a community to protect gatherers.

    PVE i think little will change as far as PVE combat

    Will the best gear appear in markets I think not. People just dont use the best gear without reason.. I think having really good gear sounds great in theory but when you can lose it just on some bad luck running into 15 people solo.. people just dont care about the best gear anymore.
    What is the fix for this... well less ganking but it is not something that can really be done. everyone wants to reduce risks. But the cheapest is to use numbers.

    So now we can consider the use of incentive. Make solo killing a bit easier, and far more rewarding so less people use groups. Take small measures to reduce group power or make it more dangerous/ difficult

    Solo killing easier... well I think first you should consider why its so hard solo.. Dismounting.. Mounts either need to be far far more expensive on the lower end, or Reduce their benefits other ways.. Solo dismounting is a must. how to do it though... well a few ideas

    1 Slow down the initial mount up while mount is near. not very much though.

    2 Mount HP has direct effect on it speed.

    3 Mounts could have skill Gallup being one of the options for some mounts. Some having gallup an active that only ends with Damage and takes some time to charge with movement. sprint, just like the boots. Charge a sprint that knocks players back stunning them for 2 seconds, No CC duration effects Only occurs in a straight line. I am sure you can come up with some other... Direwolfs just like the real ones could have Howl slowing nearby enemies

    4 make gallup take longer, Or only take effect on roads

    5 make basic attacks possible while mounted

    Any of these or combination of these should help.

    Now Solo killing needs more incentive / group needs deincentives

    1 Make rep matter somehow including BZ... not sure how though.. Also extend its loss to assists.

    2 Solo killing has better fame and/or can be used for destiny board fame at 30% rate.

    3 assist drop fame rate by 10% per, and/or increase trash rates and material loss rates by 10%

    4 make friendly fire real. As a veteran I know some about friendly fire, with bullet, explosives, long range explosives. These are real and there are ways to avoid them, And its not just everyone start using single target, non skillshot,non AOE specs... Will many people do so fine, BUT lets then buff all those things to compensate if so but not dramatically. THIS SHOULD INCLUDE HEALING ALSO. Heal AOE and Shield AOE.. make these also effect the enemy. This is some seriously skilled gameplay when large numbers are involved. Pick you spells wisely.

    Finally Economy ideas that dont involve combat. Right now Combat can generate silver. Fine, But then you use silver to purchase what you need for combat. This is replenished with trashed items. Drains on silver are mainly repairs, And islands are pricey but only purchased 1 time. I assume Black market is also an introduction of silver.