Missing Items and Market Silver

  • Missing Items and Market Silver

    I play on two characters (AurumTitanos, ScarletVenenum) and have been experiencing very strange occurrences while offline. Let me preface this by stating I have never shared my account with anyone, nor do others ever have access to my computer, ever.

    First off, I have had random items, not my expensive items or large quantities of items, disappear completely. I have lost a T7 armored horse that my character had, and now its nowhere to be found, as well as two T6 leather capes. I have checked all death logs on both characters to make sure I didn't accidentally leave the items in my inventory during a death, and have checked every chest multiple times. All my permissions are set the correct way, as I have played the game now for a solid year now and understand the permission system. Only me and my alternate characters have access to my islands, and all buildings and chests on them.

    Secondly, the market is bugged for a majority of my offline transactions. For instance, I played Thursday night from 10pm-1am CST, and then did not log back onto those characters until Saturday at 10pm. On one of these characters (ScarletVenenum) had a market message that said, "You have sold your 5.2 soul-scythe for 942,000 silver". This transactions message said 17 hours ago, that means it sold while I was offline. I check my account balance, and it had 276,000 silver. The market's collection box was also empty. If my account was hacked, why is all my 6.2/6.3 gear still on my character, and why is only some of the silver from the market transaction gone, and the rest left?

    I believe my account itself is BUGGED, and I need help in order to fix it. All this has been happening recently, after your most recent update. I have played for a year and never had anything like this happen. Please, please help me.