Newly Started Guild Seeking Dedicated Players!

  • Newly Started Guild Seeking Dedicated Players!

    Hello thanks for visiting my post!

    As the title says, I've just recently founded a new guild in the world of Albion and I'm looking for a handful of players to help build the foundation of the guild and get it organized before any major recruitment begins.

    Any players who join in this phase will have their choice of any leadership positions which will become available as the guild expands.

    The guild is called "The Third Empire", based off of the empire from the elder scrolls series. I would like to eventually build the guild into a competitive power in Albion, with organized divisions of crafting and pvp.

    I am very devoted to the game and I am hoping to find some friendly people who also enjoy playing. If you think you might be interested please leave a comment below or contact me in game. Game name is "Hostilian".

    May the sun never set on our adventures!