Hello All....

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    • Hello All....

      I have been out of PC Gaming for around 2 years just had more pressing things to accomplish. I have been in multiple events in MLG and older tournaments where I have both placed and won. I am a gamer but I also take my gaming seriously. I am 34 years old and as much time as i spend doing this a day. Well as much time as im going to be spending on this game. Anyways lemme get to the point.

      or rather my Guild Resume and you guys can pick and choose if you so desire.

      - 34 Years Old. ( Work Hard have money can contribute to real live situations.
      - 20+ years of MMO gaming exp.
      - work on pcs as a hobby and for work..
      - I am kind, loving, and outgoing. as long as you dont piss me off. I will not be ran over
      - Strong Leadership Qualities have lead and co-lead several Top WoW and SWTOR Guilds.
      - way more i did think of but you can feel free to ask.

      I am just starting today so Ill be a lil behind but im sure i can catch up. (Hopefully)

      Also any pointers go ahead and shoot im all ears.

      VERY Anxiously awaiting a response