<TDC> The Dueling Coalition. A Place to duel for silver.

    • <TDC> The Dueling Coalition. A Place to duel for silver.


      My purpose for creating The Dueling Coalition, whichwill be called TDC going forward, is to give players, many of whichwho are my own personal friends, a place to go and duel for fun andmore importantly silver. I know that there are many of you eliteplayers who love to duel for high stakes or medium stakes, and I hopethat the TDC can provide a place for you all to come and gather to dojust that.

      I will regularly hold tournaments which will have abuy-in and depending on how many entrants winner will take all or itwill be split up between the top 3 competitors. I also will add someof my personal silver into the prize pool at times. I will alsorecord/live stream these tournaments.

      At first while the TDC is gaining a reputationpermission to enter the Island will be free, but know after some timethere will be a very reasonable and affordable weekly permission fee. The fee will be in gold, so that way no matter the economy of Albionthe price can remain constant. How much is still yet to bedetermined, but it will be affordable, most likely around the 20 goldper week area. Guilds can also purchase permission for there entire guild. This gold will be used to purchase decor for theisland, add money to the weekly tournament prize pool, and otherexpenses. KEEP IN MIND the TDC will offer you a place to find likeminded individuals to duel for medium to high stakes 20k-500k perDuel and give you the opportunity to earn a TON of silver.

      I hope the TDC can finally give some value to actuallygrind for, purchase, and use T8 and other expensive Gear without therisk of losing it.

      The TDC will likely need officers to help facilitatetournaments and collect weekly permission fees.

      All permissions will be added to a excel spreadsheet tokeep on top of everyone interested.

      ONCE AGAIN TDC IS FREE FOR NOW SO PLEASE Email me @Sadeaslod@gmail.com or InGame Mail me at SadeasX to be added to the list.

      The Dueling Coalition will officially open up on Fridaythe 13th of October. We are in advertisement phase atmand will keep you informed.

      Thank you and Good luck!

      Oh please be advised I have already gotten permissionfrom the Devs to facilitate this.