T5 Expedition Bugged

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  • T5 Expedition Bugged

    Hello Everyone,
    today the T5 expedition was bugged. We killed the last boss, but we were stucked there without any reward.
    We couldn't came out from the expedition, so we all had to press A in order to escape from that, lol.

    We also waited for a few minutes to see if the boss re-spawned, but nothing happened. The blue teleporter wasn't there.

    -> Funny thing: me and another player got reported by a person that just joined us after a member of the expedition pressed A, because we had a duel while we were waiting for like 5 minutes to see if we had the chance to escape with our reward (we thought: 'Who knows? maybe the boss will re-spawn because of the bug and we'll have the chance to escape from here without using A'). Poor lil b*tch.

    However, me and some others reported this bug.
    Anyone else had the same problem today?
    I would like to know if expeditions are correctly working before making them again.

    Thank you all in advance.
    Have fun,


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