An idea to fix that everyone camps in city for expedition...

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  • An idea to fix that everyone camps in city for expedition...

    So at the moment if you wanna do some expeditions or arena everyone is camping at the city because bassicly you cannot craft of gather in the meanwhile because of the overload system.

    I think they can easily fix this by making instances like expeditions or arena weight free.

    This would mean you can gather while in que and maybe be like at 80% weight with your ox but when joining the instance your just 0% weight.

    Its nothing that would break the game in my opinion but give a hell lot of more freedom to players , i want to do expeditions and do some gathering/crafting but always find myself just waiting in que and not being able to gather of take my items from AH because of the danger that i'm waiting for 15-20 min and than need to let go because my backpack being overweighted.

    Any ideas why this would be good or not good?

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  • No the idea that everyone has no incentive to use anything but Ox is flawed. everything has its purpose.
    Ox are great for moving goods but are slow when gathering/ horses are great for gathering but not in PVP areas.
    Armored horses are great for gathering in PVP areas
    Direwolves are great for hunting players.

    we cant just get rid of any reason to pick specific mounts for specific things.
    If you are queued then walk or know what percent is walking 100%
    I walk always when gathering unless i need to escape in dangerous areas i keep my horse right next to me.