Arena Sigils Dropped

  • Arena Sigils Dropped

    Did a solo expedition after 3 arena wins to get my sigil for the day. Was overzealous and fought a mob with under half health. Went down. Completed the expedition. Went to bank. Realized I only had 3 Arena Sigils in my inventory and an Expert's Sigil. I guess I dropped SIX sigils when I went down ONCE. WHAT THE HECK!? Not only do I have to pay repair fees, but in order to replace those sigils, I'd have to spend around 60k silver. I would like my Arena Sigils back please. I shouldn't lose 2/3 of my Sigils by going down..... I understand that I probably should have banked my Sigils before entering the Expedition, but cmon, REALLY? Doesn't seem like it's supposed to work this way. I'd like my Sigils back, please.