Generous Heal - The cooldown is way too long

  • Generous Heal - The cooldown is way too long

    I'd more than one person is your group is taking heavy damage you're literally screwed as a Holy healer using Generous Heal.

    The cooldown needs to be lowered and if that will make the spell too OP then lower the Heal some OR rearrange the Q and W spells. As a 1 handed Holy Healer I'm literally waiting on cooldowns ALL the time to actually Heal my allies; it's seriously wonky and terribly annoying to play.
  • im talking about both. I have no issues in PvE (shiftshadow) and in 5 man teams we run a 2 healer 3 bruiser comp with the nature running a dps/heal hybrid build.
    Just gotta know which targets to heal, prioritizing is very important now. DPS gotta play smarter as well.