healers what say you

  • ...how are you not able to keep everyone alive on a t6 expo as a nature 1h healer? srsly how?
    i'm playing a full t6 1h nature and on expo it didn't change shit (24 base heal per tic with no buff/noskill healbuff etc, still enough), unless you are going around with random sub tier-trashy build or full plate, talking about not keeping a 5 man party alive in a t6 expo its embarassing on yourself, not on the hcange.

    - in pvp its meh, holy (t6 holy too) its not better since yeah you heal more but the longer cast time is just bad.
    - arena are just retarded as you get placed with random guys that just go around vs pre-made team so no sense playing those or talking about them.

    all in all this nerf/patch just made clear which build are super-trash, both for heal and dps (auto atk hunter, i'm talking about you), nothing else tbh.

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  • Rigan wrote:

    I love how still...no one has addressed the elephant in the room here or no one has even noticed.

    Pre-patch. Mushrooms on nature, refreshed the third stack when a friendly was healed. Now it simply does nothing and the friendly loses triple stack heal and need to stack all over again.

    Fuck all the other changes, this ninja nerf alone has fucked up nature. I wonder now whether it was a bug pre-patch and whether nature was nerfed due to a bug that should have been fixed.
    I'd give a shit, but I don't do ZvZ, so it's on you to crusade for us fellow healers.
  • Mardonius wrote:

    Salvia Divinorum wrote:

    I have given up on Druid. No longer able to keep groups alive in Expeditions. I feel like I'm waiting for cool downs while I watch people die. Really wish I could get all my LP back that I spent considering I feel like I have to start over.
    I agree. If SBI feels like they need to do sweeping changes, such as -10% in all healing, then they should provide us an option for LP refund so we can try another class.

    I think this is going to be a challenge SBI runs into consistently in the future and I'm not sure what the best way to address it would be. I do agree the healing nerfs were pretty drastic, but even that aside the effects nerfs could have on the population could be sizable if not addressed.

    In MOBA type games, skills need to be nerfed/rebalanecd all the time, anything that is too strong will quickly become Meta and everything else will fall by the wayside. Abilities that are overperforming could be nerfed, or sometimes underused skills could be changed completely. This is a natural part of these style games.

    In Albion, nerfing/rebalancing a specific spec while necessary for balance reasons has a much bigger impact on players. In Dota, if my favorite hero gets badly nerfed/changed, I can switch to another character and nothing is lost. In Albion, if my primary spec is drastically nerfed, I could lose hundreds of hours of progress. This could demotivate players to quit the game realizing that all the effort they put into their character is "wasted". Or if they change an "E" ability on a weapon... If I put dozens/hundreds of hours into leveling a weapon that the unique ability gets changed entirely... I would be pretty upset about that.

    I don't know what the devs have planned for the long term, but while I agree nerfs to overperforming builds are important in a game like this, there really needs to be a some thought given to the impact of the players of these builds. I personally play a great nature staff user and every ability on my character got worse after these nerfs. I don't have the option to select a new hero if I personally found my character unfun/unplayable... I do think that's a problem that needs to somehow be addressed.
  • personally, at first i hated the change. I now enjoy it. I like that the class has access to diffrent build styles. I currently run 1h holy with generous heal paired with a mistcaller. Run CD reduction on my assassins shoes and omelettes. Feels good useing mana pots.
    I get generous heal for 380ish with a .5 cooldown.
  • As a tank, I've found that healing is a much larger issue now. It is a lot more common for folks not being able to keep me and half the group alive during different activities. If anything, this nerf has definitely made seemingly only certain builds viable and the rest are meh. I definitely think there needs to be a middle ground between where we are now and where we were. Hopefully SBI will look at this but healing has become such a large issue that I'm not surprised that some folks are done playing healer or with the game overall, it's just not fun or powerful enough.
  • Danitsia wrote:

    "F THIS!"
    Exactly, I for one will definitely not be healing anything unless guild wants to run something. Not that I spent a lot of time healing before, I'm mostly solo.

    hopefully lots more healers will abandon it and they will get the message.

    Maybe we'll start seeing threads like Q takes forever unless you are a healer :)