[INF][US][EN] Active BZ Guild | PvX | GvG | City Plot | Alliance Territories

  • [INF][US][EN] Active BZ Guild | PvX | GvG | City Plot | Alliance Territories

    Sick of Ponzi, pyramid and greedy lopsided schemes that plague the game? We are too and we’re paving the way to create a guild atmosphere that is fair, fun and competitive.

    Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… We’re painting a huge target on our back from all the corporation toppling EVEbros – come at us.

    What makes us different? We aren’t a bunch of plot-owning Nazi’s that just care about lining our pockets and becoming Albion-rich. We’re pioneering a new type of donation system that scales downward as the guild grows and a few different that can be customized so you’re doing what you enjoy the most in the game. Instead of static, monotonous dues, we work together to gear up the guild and farm things that we need the most.

    We offer you drama-free environment with plenty of opportunities but without the crazy egos. Play the game how you want, help us grow, fight along side some of the best players in the alliance - the choice is yours. The alliance is active and there are plenty of opportunities for fame farming, gathering parties, ZvZ and ganking 24/7.

    What are we looking for?
    • Gatherers (limited spots - spots for leather, stone, ore - T7+ tool only)
    • ZvZ / PvP shotcallers
    • PVPers
    • GvG teams
    • Small, close-knit guilds
    • Streamers / Video ninjas
    Our Requirements
    • 18+ / Mature
    • 3m fame (we’ll take less in some cases)
    • ZvZ/Gang specializations
    • Some PVP experience or willing to learn
    • Voice comms via discord
    • English speaking (we will make exceptions for teams)
    • Active (we get RL > Albion)
    How To Apply?
    • Submit the following in this thread or join us in discord to discuss discord.gg/TvU5Bbq
    • Take a screenshot of your character stats, in game
    • In game name / link to killboard
    • How much do you play daily? Weekly?
    • What role(s) you’re applying for
    • What build you specialize in
    • A little about your gaming experience
    • A little about who you are, where you’re from
    Who do I contact?
    • MCBerst (IGN) - MCBerst#0645
    • Eminence / Emi (IGN) - Eminence#6159

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