Map Ping

  • Can we please change the map ping from just guild members who can see it to group members being able to see it? It is amazing that it would be unavailable for group members to see unless there is some weird reason that the devs want to make it even harder to coordinate with your alliance mates. They made this game very dependent on alliances and then create tools that make it even harder to work with your alliance and group mates that are not in your guild. Please change this.
  • The map itself is pretty archaic. And needs serious updates.
    • Party and alliance pings should be added. Simply color them correctly
    • Alliance/guild and hostile blobs could be colored differently. I don't find that Misreporting blobs rly adds gameplay. Tho I can see an arguement for the misdirection opportunity
    • Blob system itself needs to update far quicker and more accurately
    • seeing guild members dots regardless of party. use diff colors.