New continent

  • the Closer to the factions city you are the more watchtowers may be in a zone they have armed gaurds providing small safe areas for your faction.

    The only conflict that occurs in this area is faction based. each gets a different color tag and may only fight other factions no flagging involved.
  • Each faction would be able to be treated as a massive guild/alliance
    They have cities and territories and can challenge others.
    The outcome of these battles and territory movement changes what resources they may have readily available for harvest.
    I would have central lands where the highest tiers are that would hold mass conflict.
    Each faction would have to have some government style like guilds do.
  • So certain factions could have tourniments the best warrior is the leader and appoints officers
    a faction could be money oriented and the most silver donated buys the king crafter slot
    and another could be population oriented they hold elections.
    and one could be chaos where they randomly select each week through RNG.