Breeding mounts return on investment

  • SlipperyFist wrote:

    Im wondering at what tier, breeding mounts becomes profitable, and what tips people have to make more money off mounts. Im based out of carleon.
    Simple math:
    You have one-time-investment for the foal.
    Then, each horse is X silver for food and Y silver for saddling it.

    So, you compare the sell-prices to the resources per horse (feeding and saddling), then compare the profits with that foal-investment.

    Easy math anyone can do^^ -not sure why you asking here.
    Eventually it's just a matter of time until you get the foal-investment back and then the actual profits.
    I think t8 mounts it's something like 3-5 cycles? The lower mounts obv. longer since more people are doing it.