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    Hi Peeps,

    So I have been reading a lot of forum posts where people have been complaining about wearing gathering gear and the need for it. I definitely feel that the identity and fantasy of being a gatherer is important and as such, I love the fact that I should be wearing gathering gear when gathering and the benefit of the skills that go with it. I do however dislike the fact that I don't keep my pickaxe equipped while out and about. This breaks the fantasy of being a gatherer and I feel like I lose my identity, not that its a major issue, as I do like carrying around my cursed staff.

    On that note I would like to suggest that gathering tools at T5+ get a set of skills just like weapons do, this would be really awesome in the fact that as a miner I can equip my pickaxe when out gathering as my primary gathering tool/weapon for mobs.

    Tools can have skills which are similar to weapon trees that are liken to, for e.g. Pickaxe (Polehammer/Polearm) can have a mix of armor reduction and cc, Woodcutters Axe (Axe) can have bleeds and armor reduction, Stone Hammer (Hammers) can be primarily CC and so on. They could be unique and would definitely add to the fantasy of being a gatherer.

    Just something cool to think about, not sure if this has come up before during the betas, I have only been playing for a month or so now, and I have not really explored this from a balance point of view but it shouldn't be a problem because all high tier gatherers just carry a bloodletter anyways, rather have the gathering tool equipped with similar skills then something that breaks fantasy and unidentifiable. Of course if you choose to have a weapon equipped the choice is yours to make.

    A Happy Miner

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    I had the same idea, but I think that T4 should have something... even if its basic skills like "run" / "fast gathering" / "hit harder X type of mob" (where X is the specific for your gathering gear).

    And for pasive, the same as the gathering clothes... gathering bonus pasive skill. Think of removing 3 charges of head, chest and boots and add 3 + 3 + 3 +1 (bonus) on the tool. This will make 7 + 7 + 7 + 10 (weapon) = 31 charges of the same pasive we have now. Yes... having the toold 1 charge will make ppl thing of using it... plus having some skill will make gathering more ejoyable (right now is so boring...).

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