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    I had put this as a tag on to another conversation but felt it would be good to have a stand alone thread to discuss it.

    Blappo wrote:

    I think a few things could really change up the econ in the game

    1 more stuff that gold can be spent on
    1.1 daily quests that would earn gold ... IE trade 200 cedar for 10-20 gold or slay 40,000 fame worth of enemies for 15 gold

    These are in conjunction because buying things with gold removes gold from the game, As of now the only gold generated is from new players and purchases. so the activities to earn gold would be set as events just to bring the game above certain levels of gold if too much is spent.

    2 offer other forms of currency
    If each city had its own currency It would make the locations where you sell good matter alot.

    Now i would say there would have to be some sort of exchange area but each time you exchange use taxes to pull money out of the markets, and each areas drops are of their currency. player exchanges would make the markets dynamic not only in the way that you can not easily tell if the leather in one city is cheaper without knowing the rates of currencies, second it allows you to play the currency exchange like people do with gold if i play alot in lymhurst and its currency is worth alot of bridgewatch currency i could trade for alot of it. Then when bridgewatch has prices low on leather i could buy up some and because i got a good rate on the exchange i would have 15% more resources than had i kept all my lymhurst currency.

    This would be difficult i think but I think fun changes to make you really play as traders
    Even if you just add one other currency say Caerleon currency vs outer city currency it could be fun. Caerleon currency would be worth a lot but the other cities would have to bring their mats in for exchange. Or caerleon players would have to exchange their currency for outercity currency and lose out on some value because they did not harvest mats or money in the outercities so the market would be expensive for them.. If this were to happen i would also add T4 would have to be moved away from Caerleon because only T2-T3 are left outside.

    Finally the gathering people on the islands... ive never used them but it seems to me like they should be removed... i just dont see why they exist.