Fates Reing Is looking for new members! PVP/PVE

  • Fates Reing Is looking for new members! PVP/PVE

    Greetings travellers!

    Fates Reing is a casual guild looking for both new and experienced players!
    We primarily use discord to create 5v5, Dungeon, and Expodition party's, think about new tactics and put them to practice or just hang out!
    We have 0% tax and don't force our members to play a certain role.
    We have a guild island located in Bridgewatch, upgraded to T6.
    We are looking for active members who want to join a friendly environment in witch they can imrprove their character and support the growth of our guild.

    If you are interested in and would like some more information please message: Whyse or BrikoX in-game, or simply reply in this thread!

    Be safe and we hope to hear from you!

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