Possible quick content addition

    • Possible quick content addition

      So many many years ago I played a game called Asheron's Call. When you would die in AC you didn't exactly drop everything. You would drop some amount of items based on lvl and the items where always your most expensive. For the sake of this game though lets assume you dropped everything. AC had quests but not for exp. The quests would yield items of some sort. One such item was a hilt you could attach to a sword and make it non-drop. I propose this game could easily add something similar. Where-in a solo player find or otherwise acquires an item that he most travel across several places in the world "upgrading," it until he can final bring it back to Caerleon and attach it to an item. Albion already has plenty of solo intended dungeons that they could use to stage this right away.
      This content would be great IMO. It would give solo players something to strive for. People would hire escorts and naturally traffic in these areas would increase. The problem is, and the question i pose to all of you, is what would be a balanced non-drop in Albion? Flat T4 is trash even if you could attach it to a masterpiece. T6.3 seems a bit much. So then whats the line? Do we base it on item power? Should there be a timer on the item? Clearly the item should not be able to place for trade on AH. I also think a player shouldn't have more than say 2 pieces at any given time(BZ shouldn't be risk free). What would you place it on, a mount perhaps? the purpose of this item isn't to give power to the already powerful nor make it risk free for the persons who bare it. Thoughts?

      Also quick shout out to the post below talking about treasure maps. This too would be another quick addition to the game. Rare drop from mobs, non-trade-able, 100%trash rate. Just think about someone hiring an escort to a treasure map and then, you and your friends fighting open field for the loots. Again thoughts?