Feedback to the website

    • Feedback to the website

      Hey everyone,

      we are running for a couple of months now and we are wondering what do you guys like or dont like about it?

      Short explanation what the site is about:
      The idea came when i was browsing youube for albion videos and it was so messy just to fight all the GvG or Hellgate videos, so i came up with the idea of albion-tv.
      On the website all youtuber can just simply copy and paste the link of their Youtube video and also tag weapons which you can see in the clip (so people can search on the website for specific weapons). This takes a minute tops and you can easy signup with your Youtube account.

      Since we are running the site with the philosophy "From the community, for the community" we realy would like to hear about what you like, what not, or if you have any further suggestions for the site.

      Thanks a lot!

      Greetz Swarley - Submit and share your albion videos!

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    • I would add a playlist on the albion-tv website.

      I wanna add vids to a playlist and watch vid after vid.

      maybe put all albion-tv videos in one playlist that viewers can watch with one click and then viewers can check or uncheck specific video options.

      viewers can check/uncheck hellgate videos.

      viewers can check/uncheck gvg videos.

      viewers can check/uncheck pvp videos.

      viewers can check/uncheck arena videos.


      when you give the videos #tags it is also very possible to check/uncheck tier lvls and guild/alliance names and other tags.
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