Animal farming... grow time bug?

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  • Animal farming... grow time bug?


    I have found what i thing is a bug. While breeding animals that takes 2 or more days to grow, i saw that after the first 24 hours the time of grow and the time the food gives desynchronizes by 1 sec: look at this picture

    Is this a bug or intentionally? Because wasting 1 carrot for 1 sec is odd.

    Also, farming animal for their resource (for example eggs)... does not bring fame to your <put here the animal in question> fame progression... look at this thread :P

    What do you say?
    I have a Sword! (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞o==}::::::::::::>
  • I can confirm that I've seen this bug as well and had it happen to me on several occasions. When raising a T4 horse, I give the horse 15 carrots initially (which should provide exactly 23:00:00 (23 hours, out of the max of 46 hours). I do the same 15 carrots on the second day as well, only to come back and find that all the food is gone and there is 00:00:01 (1 second) left on the growth timer. I initially thought I had done something wrong when giving the food, so tried to space it out giving it to them in portions instead of all at once, but that seemed to make the issue worse. I've also had it happen where there is 2-secs left on the timer after 2 days.

    Yes, having to give that extra carrot for 1-2s of growth time is really ridiculous.